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Essential Resources to Fuel Lifelong Learning for Community Leaders

By Sean Morris, Guest-Contributor

Learning should be a lifelong journey, not a destination. That’s why here at OC Forum we make it their mission to provide accessible learning opportunities to adults of all ages. OC Forum strives to provide professionals with insights into current affairs, but the learning shouldn’t stop there. Because there are so many doors that can be opened through a dedication to lifelong learning, especially for community members.

So with this in mind, here are a few resources to encourage your own journey and provide you with invaluable education tools:

Why Lifelong Learning is Important

The first step in your journey should be to learn why you should keep on learning.

Lifelong learning will be essential for those looking to reach career goals.

● A dedication to lifelong learning is also so important for entrepreneurs.

● Challenging yourself can also help you maintain a strong and healthy brain.

How to Forge a Lifelong Learning Path

There are so many different paths you can take as you commit to lifelong learning.

● An online teaching degree can help you lead others in their educational journeys.

● Some adult education classes are even offered online, for added convenience.

● Attending leadership forums, like OC Forums, can also keep your brain sharp.

How to Understand Different Learning Styles

Whether you teach or learn, it can be helpful to know that adults learn in different ways.

● There are various tests to help you uncover your unique learning style.

● Just be aware that some experts think there are up to 70 learning variations.

● But most adults fall into one of 8 learning styles, including auditory and visual.

● There are also teaching strategies to adapt to these different learning styles.

Other Skills to Consider Sharpening as an Adult

Aside from a form of continuous education, you may want to work on other skills.

Learning a new language, for example, can be very beneficial for adults.

● Know that language learning apps can make this journey so much easier.

● Picking up a new hobby, and learning about it, can also have powerful perks.

● There are even brain-boosting hobbies you can pick up in self-isolation.

Don’t let your learning journey stop with graduation. Nourish your curiosity and craving for more knowledge, and make learning a lifelong pursuit. Your career, your mind and even your body are all bound to benefit from your commitment.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Sean Morris is a social worker turned stay-at-home dad. He has experience in managing a career with parenting, transitioning to a family-focused lifestyle, and a marriage that has lasted 20 beautiful years (and counting!).

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