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OC Forum thanks Nancy Dooley for her service to the Forum

Updated: Mar 1, 2018

Dear OC Forum Members, Sponsors, and Friends:  

It is with mixed emotions of heartfelt gratitude, immense pride, and a sense of loss that we

inform you that, after twenty-seven years as Executive Director of the Orange County Forum, our friend and colleague Nancy Dooley will be moving into new professional ventures as a private consultant, sharing with new clients the knowledge and skills she has developed over her lifetime and has so generously and passionately shared with us.

Nancy is the founding Executive Director of the Orange County Forum, directing its operations since its inception in 1990 and working with its Board of Directors to make it Orange County’s premier forum for non-partisan current affairs discussion and education. While we all remember fascinating presentations from governors, Senators, members of Congress and the Cabinet, military leaders, business and opinion leaders, educators, philanthropists and more, there were facets of Nancy’s professional contributions many people may not have known.

During her years with the Forum, Nancy wore many hats in addition to that of program

coordinator.  Having served during the terms of fifteen OC Forum presidents and 148 diverse board members, she coordinated all board and committee meetings, served as acting secretary, bookkeeper, public relations manager, and membership coordinator. In the words of Founding President, Monica Florian, “Throughout the history of the Orange County Forum, Nancy was the glue that held it all together.”

Prior to participating in the creation of the Forum, Nancy had an extensive career in fundraising, event development and coordination, and political staff work, including high level positions in gubernatorial races and managing the district office for a member of Congress and a state Assemblyman. Nancy was also a member of the Orange County Fair Board for nine years, appointed by Gov. George Deukmejian and reappointed by Gov. Pete Wilson. Gov. Deukmejian also appointed Nancy to the California Youthful Offender Parole Board and the California Narcotic Addict Evaluation Authority, where she was also reappointed by Gov. Wilson and was the first woman to serve as its Chairman.  In short, Nancy possessed a wide array of skills and experience when Monica Florian and Bryan Murphy tapped her as a member of their team to create a new venture for our County – the Orange County Forum.

Each of us has memories of events and people, milestone anniversaries, debates and panel discussions, and countless committee meetings to find the best speakers, identify the most relevant topics, and secure new sponsors -- and Nancy was an integral part of all of it, ensuring our success through efficient, effective partnership and administration. As described by Orange County Forum’s Chairman Emeritus, Bryan Murphy, “Nancy has been the heart and soul of the Orange County Forum.”

Thank you, Nancy, for your loyal and steadfast dedication to the Orange County Forum.


Monica Florian: Founding President 1990 -91, Chairman Emeritus

Bryan Murphy: Founding Board Member 1990, President 1992-93, Chairman Emeritus

Susan DeSantis: Founding Board Member 1990, President 1994-95

Robert Mosier: Executive Leadership Series Moderator 1995-2003

Mike Ruane: President 1997 & 2010-2012, Honorary Chairman

Larry Tenney: President 1998-99

Laer Pearce: President 2000

Jo Ellen Chatham: President 2001-02, Executive Leadership Series Moderator 2004-07

Jim Leach: President 2007-09

Henry Mendoza: President 2013-14

Sarah Catz: President 2015-16

Owen Holmes: President 2017

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