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About Us

OC Forum Luncheon Programs, Orange County, CA


We are a non-profit organization as authorized by the U.S. Federal Government under IRS 501 (c) (3); Identification number 33-0431017 under the official name of Orange County Current Affairs Forum. The Forum’s programs and operations are supported solely through the generous contributions of its Sponsors and members.

Founded in 1990 by a group of Orange County business and civic leaders, the OC Forum reflects the tradition of the great Commonwealth Club of California and Town Hall of Los Angeles, bringing together some of the most erudite and distinguished speakers in the nation. In a world in which we are bombarded with information through news and advertising media, the OC Forum provides an uncluttered channel to ideas that are driving our nation and our country.


The Forum also provides members with the opportunity to interact directly with international, national, state, and local decision-makers helping to shape the political, cultural, social and economic trends of the future.


The OC Forum is the premier nonpartisan current affairs organization convening the Orange County community in an interactive environment, to foster relationships, exchange ideas and discuss public policy issues with the most knowledgeable and distinguished speakers and leaders of our time.

Distinguished speakers, members, local communities and the world see the OC Forum as the “go-to” place which fosters maximum diversity in presenters, membership, and audience.


Speakers know they will reach a diverse and engaged audience. The audience knows it will hear speakers who are knowledgeable, relevant leaders in their fields.


The OC Forum is the catalyst to elevate public discussion, encourage collaboration, and inspire community and stakeholders to address and solve today's complex issues.

OC Forum Luncheon Programs, Orange County, CA
OC Forum Luncheon Programs, Orange County, CA, Hon. Loretta Sancez, Justin Wallin, Jena Jensen, Kally Pijl, Dan Schnurr


The OC Forum offers opportunities to learn and better understand critical issues from the people who are making critical choices. Luncheon program events are offered at least once a month.


Each luncheon program includes an often spirited question and answer exchange between the guest speakers and attendees. Among those who have addressed the Forum are U.S. Presidential candidates, Cabinet Members, Ambassadors, U.S. Senators and Congressmen, State Governors, Constitutional Officers, and Legislators, Corporate CEOs, University Chancellors, as well as leaders in state and county business, academia, the arts, sciences, and community affairs.

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