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Saving the Dream: Conquering PostPandemic Stress
OC Forum

Saving the Dream: Conquering PostPandemic Stress

Two years have passed since the pandemic started, but the words “COVID-19” and its variants continue to cause anxiety and fear. Despite restrictions being lifted, psychologists are still reporting high-stress levels among Americans. In addition to post-covid blues, financial stress is high among younger populations and minority groups who report feeling the brunt of rising gas prices, housing costs, and inflation. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and as we navigate the challenges that lie ahead, how can we support each other to relieve these ongoing stressors at work, at home, and in public? Join the OC Forum on Thursday, May 26th at 12 PM for the premiere of "Saving the Dream: Conquering Post-Pandemic Stress." Tune in to hear from our guest panel of visionaries as they discuss timely solutions to conquer post-covid blues. RSVP below to set a reminder! To learn more about our panel of speakers, visit the following link: For more information on the resources discussed in today's program, check out the following sites below: Cigna Resilience Home Page Cigna Newsroom - Loneliness in America Be Well OC Website Be Well Campus Page Disney Cast Life Blog Silver Stress and Coping Lab Website
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