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Event Recap: Mendez Legacy

Dear OC Forum Community,

If you missed our Mendez Legacy program on October 10, it will be long remembered for its profound and personal look back into the roots of the Mendez et al v. Westminster case that in many ways has changed everything. Presenting this important program at Moreno’s Restaurant & Bakery in Orange was the perfect setting for the conversation. After 50 years, Moreno’s is clearly an institution and we were so fortunate to have the Moreno family host the program in what we might call one of Orange County’s great living

Featured was Dr. David-James Gonzales (Brigham Young University) as our moderator, Beverly Guzman-Gallegos (Guzman Family Representative), Mike Ramirez (Ramirez Family Representative), Harvey Moreno (Moreno's Restaurant & Bakery) and Gustavo Arellano (Los Angeles Times) as our panelists.

During the program, our inspiring panel shared their truth and stories of what it was like growing up in Orange County during the 1940s. Their courage and strength are extremely commendable—and it certainly does not go unacknowledged. As for their words of wisdom for today’s generation, “keep on doing what you’re doing and live without fear.”

A huge thank you to our gracious panel, our sponsors and the amazing Orange County community for coming together and making events like this possible. This event truly captured exactly what the OC Forum stands for and we could not have been more delighted with the turnout.

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As always, thank you for your continued support of the OC Forum and we look forward to seeing you at our next program.


Paul Stover

President - OC Forum

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