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The Social Media Predicament: Social Media Marketing & The News

Don't miss the OC Forum's second installment of "The Social Media Predicament: Social Media Marketing & The News." What can we do to spot misinformation on our social news feed? How can we differentiate between real news and gossip? We are thrilled to be joined by our moderator, Executive Director of the OC Forum, Arianna Barrios and our esteemed guests.

Toni Sciacqua, Managing Editor, Digital at Southern California New Group

For seven years she was the senior editor for the Daily Breeze, which won a Pulitzer Prize for local reporting for its investigation into corruption at a South Bay school district in 2015.

Kelsey Eiben, Digital Marketing Strategist, Comm LAB

Through her experience in both private and public communications, Kelsey has developed digital strategies and tactical implementations that sway public opinion with measurable outcomes. Her acumen in communications, marketing and digital strategies have provided clients with 21st century tools that effectively deliver their messages and improve public perception. She is an expert at mastering effective digital footprint growth plans that not only achieve the client’s objectives, but also generates custom creative that stands out against the competition.

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