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We Stand In Solidarity - Stop AAPI Hate

To Our OC Forum Community,

Throughout our history, the OC Forum has been dedicated to bringing important topics to the public square for thoughtful discussion. Over the past year, several issues have risen above simple programming decisions but rather demand our collective voices to speak as one. The recent rise of violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders across the country, and right here at home, is one of those issues.

At the core of the OC Forum’s values are tolerance and equality. It is our firm belief that all voices should be heard and that diversity should be celebrated. Fostering a safe and respectful environment for meaningful conversations elevates all of us. Hatred, racism, and discrimination should find no shelter in our community, nor will they find safe harbor at the OC Forum.

Our organization stands in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, which represents an essential part of the diverse tapestry of cultures that comprise Orange County. Our deeply-valued friends and neighbors have made priceless contributions to our County’s history, elevated our sense of uniqueness, and exemplify what it means to seek the American Dream. We would all be poorer without their incredible perseverance. We are outraged that anyone would perpetrate cowardly acts of violence and racism toward our fellow community members. Such behavior should never be tolerated.

In the weeks and months to come, the OC Forum will continue to find more tangible ways to shed light on these and other sensitive topics, as is our mission. In the meantime, and on behalf of the entire OC Forum Board of Directors, we urge our community to stand together and stand against hate.

Thank you,

Kate Klimow, President

OC Forum


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